Digging 4 Gold

Nana Love + Funkees Producer (Harry Mosco) = Afro Disco Heat!


Following our recent post about Okyerema Asante’s Ghanaian disco trip, we have another afro-disco gem, courtesy of Nigerian club queen - Nana Love.

Search for her online and you’ll mostly find various posts about her obscurity, and lack of info.  The few bits of useful information come straight from the back sleeve: It was recorded in California, She credited as writer/arranger, and features Nigerian funk heavyweight - Harry Mosco - on the album. She was also featured on the 2010 compilation Lagos Disco Inferno (that’s her on the front cover).

And that’s it.

We sometimes take it for granted that we are often able to discover everything about an artist with a few clicks of the mouse.  My experience with Nana Love has reminded me of a time when all one could know about an artist was based on the info off the sleeve and record. 


Nana Love - Full of Funk (Disco Documentary) 1978